Advantages Traditional Classes Home Study Software
Tailored to your needs
Individual motivation for a faster and effective language learning, tailored to your personal needs
Tailored made language lessons in real time with philologists and doctoral candidates
Indvidual attention to every detail focused on your language goals
Analysing and adress mistakes to avoid repetition
Conivience, Accessibility
Pick lessons that suit your lifestyle
Learn language from any location
No travel costs, no costs for books and learning materials
Rescheduling your lesson via email or phone call and continue when you can without loosing money
Live Conversation
Live conversation and discussion of movies, songs, books. Everything you are interested in
Share of educational language movies, visual materials, games with your private teacher
Individual communication based on the already taught lessons, aiming faster and effective learning languages constructions and vocabulary
Monitor your learning step by step
Instant feedback from your private teacher after every single lesson
Analysing and address the mistakes and difficulties, recommendations on how to avoid them and hone your skills
Low priced courses
You decide how many lessons you buy
Special offer for students
Learn the standard requirements for writing correspondence
You learn how to write different kinds of administrative texts
You can write emails to your private teacher
You will learn basic body language because we know that gestures are very important part of the non-verbal communication – what you have to avoid, what are the differences?