Teaching methods

1. How does a language lesson in Language-Classroom.net look like?

Language Classroom is an online language school with the benefit of having a live teacher in real time and tailor-made lessons for your individual needs, including audio and video materials (e.g. songs, pictures, movies, comics and diverse visual materials). There are various methods for rapid and successful language learning.
We will decide together which method is the best for you.
We monitor and track our students’ learning process, giving them instant feedback after every lesson.

2. Is the teaching method suitable for children?

Yes! The system is suitable for children because the lessons are presented in an interesting and entertaining (funny) way, including different kinds of language audio and video materials, involving the children in different educational language games.

3. Technical requirements

The course is entirely online and to conduct the lesson you need:
• Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).
• Internet connection
• Headphones
• Camera

4. How can I book a language course?

You can book a course at Language Classroom, using:
• The contact form of the website
• By sending us an email to info@language-classroom.net

5. How can I pay?

• By bank transfer
• Through PayPal