“Language training at the highest level! Modern, personal approach!
Feeling language as a natural way of expression.
I received invaluable support and help to make an important step and start dream of professional specialization in Austria.
Thank you! ”
Todor Gospodinov, Holistic doctor

“Learning a foreign language with the Language Classroom is a guarantee for good results and it’s a real pleasure. In contrast to group courses, the courses in Language Classroom are held individually and the results of your studies will be undoubtedly good. If you are working and busy people, it is the ideal solution. Training schemes are made according to your free time and preferences. The course offers a wide range of video and audio files that support the language training. I have already finished a German course in Language Classroom and now I can say that I have no concern writing and speaking by contrast with group courses I have already attended many months without having slightly progress. I want to send my special greetings and gratitude to my teacher Polly Choparinova, who was great and prepared all German exercises tailored to my mistakes, regarding my learning ability, difficulties and time. ”
Ivo Popov, Head of Logistics

“Language Classroom is the perfect opportunity for people like me (working mother) to choose a convenient time and duration of the lessons. I personally prefer the individual lessons online of Language Classroom to the regular standard language courses, because I surely save time (a possible trip to the course) and resources (teaching materials) that in any standard language course I have to pay in addition. In the Language Classroom, the lesson begins when you can and all materials are on your computer. I do still not know about more rational training. Furthermore, the training course is an individual, which is a great advantage over the group courses where everyone has a different skill of understanding and processing of information. Another advantage is the fact that no matter where you are all over the world, you can learn. I am in the Tyrolean Alps of Italy and I need to learn German. In conclusion, I recommend every person to try the effective language lessons and training, offered by Language Classroom.
Thanks and regards. ”
Kristina Pavlova, Marketing Expert

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