The online language courses allow you to learn in a rapid and effective way at a convenient time and place. The courses are conducted by qualified teacher, graduates English philology.

English for beginners

At the end of this module, students of English will know:
- English pronunciation – rules, peculiarities and exceptions
- Basic grammar rules and tenses
- Will have accumulated the necessary vocabulary to be able to express themselves in formal and informal environments
- Will be able to compose brief texts and comment on daily topics
- Will be familiar with the basic requirements for an interview by German standards
- Will know how to use the body language in their favour
- The training covers levels A1 and A2 on the scale of the European Language Passport

English for intermediate students

At the end of this module, students of German will:
- strengthen and enrich their knowledge in formal and informal situations by conducting dialogues on various topics.
- should pay particular attention to specific grammatical constructs
- be familiar with the requirements for writing and filing out various types of documents such as an administration documents, application, cover letter , etc. .
- be familiar with the culture and history of Great Britain and the USA through movies, music, books, travelogues in order to improve their language skills.
- The English and American body language will be introduced to our students and the importance of various gestures in the English and American culture. We know that non- verbal communication is essential part of mastering a foreign language.
- Preparations in this course cover the competence levels B1 and B2 on the scale of the European Language Passport.

Advanced English (C1 I C2)
At the end of this module, students of English will:
- be able to comment on the scientific, political, economic issues
- know and use idiomatic expressions without fear and hesitation
- able to express themselves without worrying about grammar and vocabulary
- will not have difficulties in translating a text into English