Bulgarian for foreigners

The online language courses allow you to learn in a rapid and effective way at a convenient time and place. The courses are conducted by qualified Bulgarian teachers.

Bulgarian for foreigners (Beginners)

At the end of this module, learners will know Bulgarian
- the Bulgarian alphabet and phonetic rules
- Basic grammatical rules
- Will have accumulated vocabulary to be able to express themselves in formal and informal environment
- Will be able to compose texts and comment on different topics
- Bulgarian can be learned through German and English. Preparation covers levels A1 and A2 on the scale of the European Language Passport.

Bulgarian for foreigners (Intermediate level)

At the end of this module, students of Bulgarian will:
- strengthen and enrich their knowledge in formal and informal situations by conducting dialogues on various topics.
- should pay particular attention to specific grammatical constructs
- be familiar with the requirements for writing and completing various types of documents such as an administration documents, application, cover letter , etc. .
- be familiar with the culture and history of Bulgaria through movies, music, books, travelogues and more in order to improve the Bulgarian language skills
- The Bulgarian body language and the importance of various gestures in the Bulgarian culture will be introduced in detail. We know that non- verbal communication is essential part of mastering a foreign language.
- Preparations in this course covers the competence levels B1 and B2 on the scale of the European Language Passport.

Online Bulgarian language for children, living abroad

As teachers, who have been living for many years in different countries, we know how difficult is for parents and children to learn and speak their native language well. We offer parents a fun and interesting way for their children to learn Bulgarian through interesting videos, cartoons, music, interactive games and puzzles. Through our language – educational games that stimulate children’s curiosity and desire to learn new things, your child will not only speak confidently and correctly Bulgarian, but will be familiar with the Bulgarian history, culture and heritage.