Welcome to the web site of Language Classroom!

What can you find here?

• Online language courses with philologists and doctoral candidates
• Online placement test
• Tailor-made lessons designed to meet specific needs
• The online language courses are conducted 7 days a week
• The online language courses do not have a starting date. You can join a course whenever you can and want!
• Consultation and preparing of presentations and term papers
• Customized exam preparation
• Preparation and couching for a job interview
• Preparation for an oral language exam

What you get in addition to all the things mentioned above?

• Instant feedback
• Live conversation
• We monitor and track your learning process

You can choose!

• When do you want to learn!
• Where do you want to learn!
• The speed you want to learn with!
• The number of lessons!
• The content (preparation for an interview, exams, presentations, proofreading)


If you are still not quite sure if the teaching in Language-Classroom.net is the best choice for you, please click here.